Apology from the Sunday Leader
Apology from the Sunday Leader

Apology from the Sunday Leader


The Sunday Leader wishes to retract and clarify the following articles which were published by us during the period 20th February 2011 to 6th March 2011.
a) Article titled; “S.Thomas’ College Prefects Assault Fellow Thomian” by Vimukthi Yapa dated 20th February 2011.
b) Articles titled; “A School Like No Other” and “Nine Thomians Assaulted By Senior Prefects” by Vimukthi Yapa dated 27th February 2011.
c) Article titled; “Serial Thuggery” by Faraz Shauketaly dated 6th March 2011.
d) Article titled “Sub Warden Of S. Thomas’ To Be Charge Sheeted” – by Vimukthi Yapa dated 6th March 2011.
As stated below we retract, clarify and correct the factual position with regard to the incidents narrated in the said articles referred to above.
a) We are now in a position to confirm that the incidents narrated in the said articles did not occur consequent to an act of “ragging”.
b) The Head Prefect mentioned therein, namely, Vinura Ladduwahetty and the 16 other prefects were not dismissed. Nor were they asked to leave school.
c) The college issued leaving certificates to 15 of the 17 boys mentioned in the said articles including the Head Prefect who had completed their advanced level examinations indicating the reason for leaving college as being “the end of the school career”. The two pre Advanced Level boys who were among the 17 boys stayed back in college to complete their Advanced Level examination.
d) We are also in possession of information that the said Prefects had protested to Warden John C. Puddefoot regarding his nomination of a book which contained obscene words and remarks derogatory of Christ and were in conflict with the Warden John C. Puddefoot at the time of the said incidents
e) We further state that during our inquiries Warden John C. Puddefoot never took steps to clarify/explain the true position regarding the said incidents. We are now aware that Warden John C. Puddefoot had to leave Eton College UK consequent to being disbelieved by a court in the UK in a case involving Eton. Due to this reason he may have been reluctant to take steps to clarify/ explain the true position with us.
We regret any inconvenience caused to the said students.